Month: August 2017

Hyborians: sign up for news about this board game in development


Strive for dominance in the world of Conan!

Hi, if you are reading this, it’s probably because you have downloaded my Forbidden Stars expansion from BGG, or referred from somebody who has.

Currently I’m working on my own area control game called Hyborians.  The game is currently in alpha-playtesting, so I cant go into too much detail, but if you like Forbidden Stars enough to download an expansion for it, then you will love this game also.  (although it is not mechanically anything like FS).

Please sign up to follow this blog to help me gauge interest in the game.  Support gives designers energy!  I will update this blog only very sparingly — probably you will only get one email to tell you when there is a site & facebook page available that has full details of the game.   The FOLLOW button is on the side bar.  SHARE…

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